Greetings from NeoDocto's HR department!,

We have full time openings across 30 designations and internship openings across 16 designations.

About NeoDocto

NeoDocto continues to be one of the fastest growing IT services brand in Asia, Europe and North America. NeoDocto is operating in 81 countries and currently employs people from 53 different nations. NeoDocto is a leader in offering innovative healthcare, education, worldwide media, and information technology solutions to its customers.

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The opportunity

Your students will work with a growing brand that makes a meaningful difference!. As we continue expanding our services globally, we now have an exciting opportunity for your students to join our team. 

Why join us?

* Work from home with flexible schedule

* Competitive remuneration with professional development

* Family benefits

* Team culture focused on nurturing environment

* Career advancement

We exclusively hire freshers from our database of applicants who have completed an internship with NeoDocto. We are expanding rapidly and our average salary is 30% greater than market standards. The NeoDocto team rated their happiness as "A+" (Based on 3100+ reviews on Glassdoor).

* Work environment? = A+

* Paid fairly? = A+

* Satisfied with your benefits? = A+

* Are your company’s goals clear? = A+

* Are you typically excited about going to work each day? = A+

* Do you look forward to interacting with your coworkers? = A+

* Are you proud to be part of your company? = A+

Scholarship grant for internship: USD 1500

Salary package for freshers:  30% higher than market standards + Incentives + Bonus+ Medical Insurance + Dental Insurance + Vision Insurance + Life Insurance + Retirement Plan + Paid Time Off + Family Leave

This is an opportunity for your students to join a company where they can make the world function better. NeoDocto is a leader in global transformation, and there is no better place for your students to launch their career. 

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If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to reply back to this email.

Thank you and regards,

Human Resource Department

NeoDocto Inc.  .  

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